A Paul Preston Retrospective

If this is the first time that you've looked at the work of Paul Preston, then prepare to join the rest of us in being bewitched, seduced and hypnotised by his magical interpretation of our world. You'll be taken on a journey into his own world, which feels familiar, yet original; thought provoking and provocative, enlightening and mystifying. It will also make you smile.

Paul breathes life into the ancient craft of storytelling with the power of an alchemist. Unfettered by the channelling of the traditionally trained Goldsmith, he approaches his media of gold, silver and precious gems with the reverence that his palette deserves. Incorporating unexpected materials into his work, such as feather spines, computer elements and even cats' whiskers, he challenges our perception of the precious. His latest works form a delicate framework and he uses spaces and holes as much as gold to depict his tales.

Enjoy his narrative and get to know the characters that inhabit his life. I hope they touch you and enrich your appreciation of the craft of the artist-jeweller in the same way it has shaped mine.                                     

                                                                                                                Janice Hosegood

This exhibition begins with work from the 1970s and therefore most of the work is no longer available but Paul occasionally accepts commissions.                                                                                                                                  *  denotes pictures with text telling the story of how Mole grew as a goldsmith.